February Bug of the Month

Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are a common pest in Austin and surrounding areas. They are small in size ranging from 2-15mm. Winged male sugar ants with royal blood are completely black, while female workers have orange-colored bodies. Generally, they are not harmful in terms of painful bites, however they can be a huge nuisance when a full-blown infestation occurs. These ants can chew through cardboard, paper, and even thin plastic to feed on a pollute substances. They are attracted to sugary type substances. Any spills, stains, or food traces can lead to an infestation. Sugar ants prefer honeydew from aphids and protect aphids from other predators to ensure the safety of their food source. To get rid of sugar ants be sure to keep your surfaces clean and your food securely stored. Also keep in mind that many toiletry products have sweet scents and ingredients, so it is common to find sugar ants in your bathroom as well as your kitchen. The most effective way to eliminate them is to contact our office so that we can conduct an inspection to accurately identify the species and apply an approved treatment for lasting results.