As home to historic sites and popular attractions alike, it’s easy to see why San Antonio is one of the most populated cities in both Texas and the South. From visiting the Alamo and the city’s other Spanish missions to enjoying a day at Sea World, visitors and residents have plenty to do and see. Unfortunately, pests also appreciate the charms of this bustling southwestern city.

Residential Pest Control

Warm, sunny days may drive San Antonians outdoors. But our balmy climate tends to send pests indoors in search of food, water and a good cooling-off. From ants in the kitchen to spiders in your bed, bugs and rodents can make you uncomfortable in your own home. Worse yet, pests sometimes pose a threat to your family’s health, safety and finances.

Termites can destroy your home’s structure. Certain types of mice spread disease through their droppings and urine, and rodents have been known to start electrical fires by chewing through wiring. Residential pest control services from our San Antonio pest control company protect your household from a wide range of hazards.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses are just as vulnerable to pest invasions. Rats and mice chew through all kinds of equipment, supplies and inventory. Cockroaches contaminate food supplies. Bed bugs infest hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Mosquitoes create health risks for employees and customers.

From costing you money to putting your reputation at risk, pests can place a major burden on your company. Our San Antonio pest control team can put your mind at ease and rid your business of pesky, dangerous, costly infestations. We offer inspections and safe, effective commercial pest control treatments throughout the San Antonio area.

Green Pest Control

San Antonio pest control services don’t have to be toxic to be effective. Our eco-friendly treatments rid homes and businesses of infestations without putting your family, pets or customers at risk.

Specially trained technicians eliminate pest problems without the need for harmful chemicals. Our green pest control services provide earth-friendly, chemical-free solutions to a vast array of pest problems.

Pests We Service

Hire San Antonio Pest Control

From ants to vermin, pests pose many types of threats to homes and businesses. Whether your home is under siege by swarms of carpenter ants or your business has been overtaken by roaches, Be Bug Free Services can restore order and comfort.

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