Texas has no boundaries when it comes to pests and you should approach pest control the same way.  We entertain more than the usual pests like roaches and mosquitoes. There’s scorpions, rodents and other wildlife that can prove deadly.

Bed Bug Pest Control serves Jollyville, Texas and the surrounding areas with expertise that is as unique as the pests we handle in our region. We employ only certified pest control technicians. Inspections are free and you’ll receive a written estimate and warranties when the work commences. Have a pest control emergency? We’re available on call.

Bird Control in Jollyville, TX

Birds are beautiful and deceiving. They don’t mean to, but they can be deadly and not in the way you would think. Bird droppings are unpleasant for many reasons, but they also carry disease. We remove birds that are legal to and others like sparrows and starlings. Those we can not due to strict preservation laws, we use the below prevention and deterrent methods.

  • Eco-friendly bird removal
  • Bird Deterrent Spikes
  • Other visual deterrents
  • Trapping and Exclusion Netting

Call us today for your bird control needs. Protect yourself from some of the diseases that feral pigeons and other birds carry such as West Nile virus, Avian Flu, and many  more deadly ones. Not to mention that they carry fleas and ticks just like other animals and lice.

Mosquito Control in Jollyville TX

Mosquitos carry several diseases that can not be controlled by a vaccine. Dengue fever, Zika, which attacks the reproductive system in humans; equine encephalitis, are just to name a few.  Every homeowner should take the necessary precautions to lessen the danger. So, how do we protect your home? With a system called  In2Care Mosquito Traps. We eliminate the adult mosquitos in the traps they’re attracted to and lay eggs. Once they pupate, the larvae are eliminated within the trap.

The next step is all done by the mosquito by spreading the larvicide to the breeding sites they visit. Call us for the most effective and eco-friendly mosquito control in the area.

Ant Control Jollyville TX

The key with ant control is to get to the queen to destroy the entire colony. Spraying in areas they’re seen is not enough. Your home is the end-game and we need to treat the whole picture in order to keep them away permanently.  We investigate the perimeter of the house and the crevices therein where they nest. The queen can produce millions of ants in a short period of time. When they get into the home, it tells other ants there’s food and water there by way of the pheromones they leave behind. That’s the reason they can still make their way so far from your home.

Ants come in many species like Carpenter, Sugar, Army, Phaero, Acrobat and Fire ants. These are the most common you may find in the kitchen and bathroom. Once we inspect, we’ll identify the type. Our trained technicians will know how to effectively exterminate each one. Ant control is a science as is any extermination process. The eradication of the pest is the last step and that’s why DIY methods tend to be ineffective.

Our ant control system saves your food supply from being wasted and costing you money. With safe application of green, no or low toxin formula. We also save your home from structural damage caused by ants.